Ideas for Getting More Kitchen Cabinet Space

January 19, 2013

When it comes to remodeling an existing kitchen, upgrading to a larger area, one of the problems that homeowners face is limited room and design ideas. For those that want ideas for getting more kitchen cabinet space, several pieces should be taken into account during the project planning stages. Without a considerable amount of time spent into the preliminary phases of any project, midway through construction problems could arise. Consider the following quick ideas for getting the maximum amount of space for your cabinetry that won’t break the budget and will allow you to fit in as much as you need.

Corner Cabinet Design – When you look at layouts for cabinet space you most often don’t realize that there are corners that allow for a lot more space due to geometrically enhanced design. Consider going with corner storage options that can reach deeper into the access points of each side of your kitchen and you will find that you can get a huge amount of additional space, especially if you install a swinging door and a drawer system. This type of swinging addition is something simple that can maximize space without having to knock down walls or anything extreme.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heights – If you have a ceiling that is high, then make sure that you invest in higher shelving options. The interior might seem too tall to store things, but investing in a ladder that fits the space and can stabilize anyone in the kitchen is not expensive compared to the cost of trying to create more space. If there is already a lot of space, maximize it!

Underneath The Floors – For those that aren’t familiar with traditional Japanese design, this will seem like light years away. Depending on your floor and the space that you have below your paths in the kitchen areas, you can invest in subterranean storage allowing your cabinet areas to be free and clear. This type of shelving and storage can be tricky, but it also could provide additional space if you have it. This requires a flooring change and underneath the kitchen areas you will need to make sure that you have ample room to include this option, but it could be a life saver in terms of finding additional storage space for cabinetry.

The above items are just some ideas to consider when you’re deciding on logical solutions to increase space. Another quick idea could be as simple as adding industrial kitchen wheeled storage shelving. Portable items on wheels might seem a bit much at first, but they are used in kitchens the world over, and could add a sense of modernity to any kitchen design. What it all comes down to is your particular taste and the size of the existing area. If you aren’t keen on spending a great deal on knocking down a wall or trying to reinvent the wheel, then simple solutions like those above might be able to save you a great deal of time, and money. Explore all your options carefully and decide on what will work best for your budget and existing floor plan.

Chad Kerrison

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