How to Remodel Your Kitchen for A Better Home Resale

January 16, 2013

With the hard economic times that many homeowners find themselves in, selling a home at current or higher value is going to be a hard task to manage. Even the best designed homes are going to be priced lower than what most people paid for, and that can prove to be disheartening, but there are some things that can be done. For instance, you could look at how to remodel your kitchen for increased value, with a few pieces updated or a complete overhaul. If you’re on a budget, do not go into a massive project, but rather look into upgrading several pieces that most homebuyers are looking for. The following will help you consider a few ideas moving forward.

First and foremost, look at what you have in place today and ask yourself, “What don’t I like about my kitchen.” When you start to realize that there are issues with what you have in place, you will be able to reflect on what you would change, and essentially put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. It’s only when you start to look at things from a buyer’s eyes that you can make a good overall decision in regards to upgrading your kitchen or any room in your home.

Once you’ve established some of the things that you would change, look into upgrading them accordingly. One of the main issues that will most likely fall into the general list of dislikes will be the cabinets. Cabinetry that is old or has problems in terms of space will have to get changed out and upgraded completely if you want the value of the home to go up. With that in mind, look into not only raw materials but also colors, handles, and style. Look at maximizing space, appealing to new and experienced buyers with little things and they’ll value the home higher than others. This is a careful dance between design and functionality, so make sure that you don’t over do it.

Aside from cabinets, most people don’t like their appliances. New appliances can definitely be a great way to remodel the kitchen, but make sure that when you are upgrading these you are also thinking about ways to make them stand out. Lighting options can be helpful when trying to tie a room together, so make sure that you have several lighting fixtures and changes done alongside this upgrade.

One last upgrade that you’ll want to look into will be the countertops. The countertops can either make or break the overall design flow of your kitchen. Carefully choose the color, raw materials, and do not skimp on this option. Counter tops that look and feel new are one thing, but make sure that they are meant to last, so that there is a sense of functionality to the change.

Appealing to buyers in this market is rough, but making changes to the cabinets, countertops, appliances, and lighting can be a welcome renovation that most buyers will find impressive. If that doesn’t work, a complete overhaul, pending budget, will set the price of a home quite high.

Chad Kerrison

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