Our design specialists are at your service to clarify any and all inquiries. We believe that the more informed you are, the better service we can provide, and the happier you’ll be with your dream bathroom remodel.  To get started right away click here.

Q: Will I be able to select my own styles and cabinets?

Of course. We have a vast selection of styles from Modern to Traditional, whether you are doing a full or partial remodel. This also includes cabinet selections in a wide variety of finishes and door styles.

If we don’t have something that is perfect for you, we’d love to hear your product suggestions as we’re always interested in expanding our offering.  However, there are a bunch of good reasons to stay committed to the products we are most familiar with.  By purchasing the same brands consistently, we are able to get incredible pricing and pass a portion of that savings on to our customers.  In addition to the benefit of efficiency that comes with the experience of working with the same brands over and over, we also know these brands meet our standards of quality and workmanship. This is so important as our clients deserve a well warranteed project.

Q: How many paint color choices will I have, what brand of paint do you use?

We use only the finest Sherwin Williams paint finishes and have thousands of colors to choose from. 

Q: Will I have a good selection of tiles, countertops, granite and marble?
Our tile, solid surface countertops and natural stone countertops come in a large variety of styles and colors.  Although our tile, accent and liners selection is virtually unlimited, most of our clients prefer we help them narrowing the selection. 

Q: Am I limited in choice of bathroom fixtures / lighting fixtures?

While the fixture and lighting selection is virtually unlimited, we have chosen the most popular and highest quality fixtures from hundreds of well known manufacturers.  The fixture manufacturer that we endorse is Moen, specifically we use Moen’s contractor grade fixtures.  The key is to use quality products that we have tested and are certain will look great, will serve you for many many years and fit within a reasonable budget. We’re certain that the Moen line of producst will meet your needs, and if it for some reason we don’t regularly use a brand you’re familiar with, we’d love to have your suggestions – just call us!

Q: Will I work with a designer?

Yes… the K2 processes are managed by experts in every area, from start to finish. Our Bath Design Specialists will come to your home and work side by side with you to assist you in creating your dream bathroom from scratch or will assist in making key changes to your existing bathroom to transform it within your budgetary constraints. You can sit back and relax as we guide you or get heavily involved. It’s YOUR bathroom!

Q: Will the material used be top quality?

We only use the highest quality products which is why we are able to guarantee our projects. Additionally, we want you to be able to enjoy your dream bathroom without any warranty issues.

Q: Can you create a bath geared for seniors (Walk-In Tub, etc.)?

We do have Universal Design experience which allows us to recommend what might be best for your individual situation. Whether it’s a walk-in tub, changing a tub to a shower or simply non-skid tile and grab bars, we have many design selections that take changing needs and lifestyles into consideration – without sacrificing design! Your Bath Designer will
assist you in the proper decisions.

Q: Why should I use K2 Bath Design?

Here are the 4 most popular features of our program.
1. Speed: We really can remodel most bathrooms in just one week. Everyone has heard about the nightmares of the endless remodeling project.  We don’t rush so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for speed. We simply have developed a proven system that works!
2. Convenience: We offer the total package: all-in one service from design to product procurement to construction, full remodels, partial remodels, permits to dumpsters, you name it. You literally never have to leave your home or worry that your job will be endlessly delayed because something wasn’t done to code or not ordered. Our designers help with every decision and we handle all of the details. It’s that simple.
3. Safety: Our customers never have security concerns and don’t need to be terrified about various individuals coming in and out of their home for weeks on end. Every one of our workers has a long standing history with us– they are background checked and trained in our facilities, making our clients feel secure and safe. Our clients also report feeling happy and comfortable seeing the same qualified team on Monday as they do on Friday which allows them to go about their day without waiting around or worrying.
4. Expert Service: We only build bathrooms – You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner to have your appendix removed; why would you choose a contractor that doesn’t specialize? Our installers are intensively trained to build bathrooms and ONLY bathrooms. That translates into our work being completely efficient and of the highest possible quality. Practice makes perfect!

Q: How much will the bathroom cost?

This will depend on a variety of factors such as size of bathroom, complexity of layout and choice of products. A basic full bathroom remodel can can sometimes be less than $10,000 although most tub & shower combination bathrooms begin closer to the $12,000 price point. Lower price points can be achieved with some creative design work. Our powder rooms and partial remodels can even be priced lower than this.  There is however a higher price tag associated with Master bathroom suites which involve multiple bathing systems.


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