Getting Started

Getting Started

Our designer inspects your project with you and we develop a general game plan.  We discuss your expectations and put a road map together to ensure they are exceeded.  We bring our selection guides and samples right into your house and design your kitchen free of charge.  Lastly we give you a guaranteed price in writing.  This is how all of our projects begin!

Find out exactly how much your kitchen remodel will cost

How much does a Kitchen cost to remodel? A well executed kitchen remodel isn’t supposed to be cheap, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat mac n’ cheese for the rest of the year either. At KitchenSide Remodeling we understand that the best way for us to sustain our business is to keep our customers recommending us and that will never happen if they feel they paid too much for their project. While it is true that a kitchen remodel is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home (the typical homeowner can expect an 80–90%, day one return on a well executed project). Returns typically diminish once cost exceed 25% of the home’s value on a reconfigure and 20% on a direct replacement project.  However, if the additional investment is well executed, returns can still be quite good.

KitchenSide is committed to being a fair price provider and a big part of each design consultation is a coaching session on how to create as much value relative to cost as possible. This 20% of your home’s value is a very crude estimation tool, but it will help you understand what a reasonable starting point for your kitchen ought to be. The important part is to determine a responsible level of investment and stick to it.  The good new here however, is that we have a number of outstanding and innovative opportunities to help you save a significant amount of money on your project and we can’t wait to share them with you.  Please fill out the conversion form on the right and we’ll get you set up with a free design consultation right away. This is the most efficient way to find out exactly how much your Kitchen remodel will cost!


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