How to Get the Most Out of Your Cabinet Space During Your Kitchen Remodeling

January 8, 2013

When it comes to changing the layout of your kitchen, upgrading the fixtures, or completely overhauling the design you will want to make sure that you look into how to get the most out of your cabinet space during your kitchen remodeling, to ensure that you maximize your investment. Some people forget this idea and end up with renovations that may appear to look great, but leave them wanting in terms of storage capacity, especially when dealing with a large family. To curtail the issues, you will want to consider a few tips and tricks of the trade that will get you more space throughout the kitchen, especially within the cabinets.

The first tip is to look into swinging doors and revolving spaces in each corner of the kitchen. This is especially true if the cabinets are hitting 2 points where a wall connects, leaving you with a great overall angle to open up. Having a sliding door mount installed and maximizing the space deep within the cabinet will give you more rotation and space to utilize. This is one of the hidden tricks that many forget about utilizing.

When looking at updating the space that you have in order to maximize the square footage, consider adding pantry style shelving to at least one or two of the areas in your kitchen. This will allow you to open up your layout a little more and stack items across multiple shelves without the gap that many countertops could end up forcing. This of course has to comply with the existing floor plan and blueprint of your home, but if you can manage it, a pantry option can maximize space and create more storage for your dining and cooking areas.

Another option that can help maximize space can be using a floating island and industrial rack (two separate options) on wheels. They can easily be moved out of the way and you could store items on them. This wheeled option is perfect for the home cook that wants to get things done faster, but doesn’t have the counterpace to work on several culinary projects. Floating islands and racks can also be a valuable addition in terms of aesthetics as they can make a kitchen area look more professional.

Whether you have a tight space or you’re dealing with square footage issues, you’ll find that the above tips combined with several other accents can transform the way that you look at kitchen remodeling for good. When in doubt call a professional to get expert advise and more tips on how to expand your existing space with any type of budget that you’re working with. There are a lot of different little things that you can do to make sure that your space is not wasted on only visual design, as functionality is something that is very important in regards to design and layout. An expert can help with the implementation of your ideas as well as installation and additional resources that might give you the most bang for your buck.

Chad Kerrison

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