Accenting Your Refrigerator and Other Appliances in Your Kitchen Remodel

January 7, 2013

When it comes to redesigning any part of your home, some things can end up being overlooked. If you’re intention is to make sure nothing gets left out, then you will need to consider a few tips that will get you thinking about some of the minor details. For instance, if you’re looking at ways of accenting your refrigerator and other appliances in your kitchen remodel, you’re going to have to invest some time into ideas that might not be in the grander scheme of things. Once cabinets, fixtures, countertops, and flooring are installed it’s important to look into some finer things that will help you make simplicity look ecstatic and vibrant. Consider the following quick tips for any budget.

Professional Kitchen Looks – Whether you have a large budget or you have to string together a smaller décor option, one thing that many people look at is stainless steel accents. This professional upgrade can make any appliance stand out and can take a simple design and turn it into a more professional setting. You have several options that can be on the high end with brushed or pure stainless steel paneling put into place as backsplashes and other areas, or you could go with faux finishes with paint or sheeting. Whatever option you pick, there’s no denying the metallic look can really spruce up the visual design within the cooking areas.

Change the Handles – Your standard knobs, handles, and simple pieces often times get overlooked. Take a look at most kitchens and these are not really on the forefront of the mind of the designer. However, if you are serious about accenting your appliances this subtle touch can really set your home apart in many ways. Look to accentuate your cabinets and accessories with different shapes, styles, finishes, and options. There are millions of styles from simple to fancy when it comes to handles, and you can really upgrade with just a few changes to the way you open your cabinetry.

Lighting Fixtures – There is no need to stick with just the average fixture of lighting in your dining areas. Take a moment to look at what you have, and change things up to accent your appliances a little. Whether you go with a more bistro approach or a modern eatery you’ll want to make sure that you look at lighting in a whole new way. Lighting can change the whole picture of your designs and done right can spotlight your appliances and counters in a unique way. This cost effective option is sometimes overlooked in favor of other design modules, but it can really be great.

When it comes to accenting your appliances, the above are just a few quick tips. There are so many ideas that are utilized by professional interior designers and remodeling experts that you will find a plethora of ideas over time. The best thing to do is take a large amount of time deciphering the options that you have and only go with something that will tie together the room. The last thing you want is for something to stand out so much that it buries the rest of the décor. Plan ahead, take your time, and make sure that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind.

Chad Kerrison

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