3 Keys to Remodeling Your Kitchen Counter

January 10, 2013

When it comes to remodeling a home one of the areas that is sometimes overlooked is the kitchen. It is there where more than culinary magic happens; it’s a place where mom’s and dad’s as well as children get to explore the world with their taste buds. It’s a gathering point, a planning area, and so much more than just a place where food is mixed, chopped, and heated for consumption. It’s with that type of mentality that all homeowners should look at their renovation projects, especially when trying to design a new kitchen. There are several aspects of design that need to be looked at, but right now, consider the 3 keys to remodeling your kitchen counter, an important piece to the overall puzzle that deservers further exploration.

Cost – The very first thing that you’ll want to spend some time thinking about is the cost and budget that you’re willing to spend on just the counter tops. You will have a great deal of choices to debate about when you decide what kind of money you want to drop down on these things. Whether you want granite, marble, or any other type of rock or composite you will need to set a budget first. Without a budget you will have so many things to pick from that you’ll find the selection process painstaking at best. A modest budget can garner a great deal of choices, and if you ask about broken, or mixed rock pieces you might find incredible savings.

Color – Aside from the cost, you are most likely going to want to consider your design aesthetic most of all. You could go with something that will compliment the cabinet design that you’re looking at, or you could go with something more unique that fits your own personal décor ideas. Color can be mixed rock, or plain, in some cases all black or all white can be done as well as a variety of different color choices that can have your dining and cooking areas looking upscale, modern and professional. The price can jump depending on the materials and color selection, but the only limitation is truly your imagination in regards to picking the right color.

Professional Installation – One thing to avoid, and something that many end up debating over time is whether or not to call in a professional. One of the biggest keys to remodeling your kitchen counter is calling in a professional to ensure that you’re getting quality service. There are a lot of people that want to explore the “DIY” route, but it could end up costing more in fixing the issues that will arise than simply calling in a pro. Let someone with experience take over this, and you’ll enjoy the outcome without the issues that you might run into doing it on your own.

The above 3 keys to remodeling your countertops are just 3 of the many things to consider. The focus above is on simplicity and in no way illustrates all the issues that could arise when you look towards changing the visual aesthetic of your dining and cooking areas. If nothing else, remember not to be in a hurry or use too much haste, take your time and plan things out properly so that your end result is favorable.

Chad Kerrison

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