Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Neighbors Envious

January 13, 2013

When it comes to living in your dream home, one of the things that you can do when looking to upgrade your décor is to remodel your kitchen. If you’re trying to impress family, friends and make the neighbors envious of your taste and renovations, then you’ll have to think outside of the box. Standard design is not going to be something that you’ll be able to stun people with, so you’ll have to consider a few different things that will help you make the right decisions in terms of interior design and motif. Consider some of the following kitchen remodeling ideas to make your neighbors envious, even if you’re on a budget.

Customize Everything – The first tip is going to be a standard if you’re going to impress people, and that’s custom work. You will need to start with a blank slate, the blueprints of your kitchen layout and start from scratch. Remember, this is not about just remodeling; it’s about blowing people away with design prowess that will make them go home wishing they had your kitchen. Custom islands, cabinetry, accents, fixtures, and so much more are possible when you’re dealing with higher end ideas. You’ll want to discuss every detail, which can seem painstaking, but it will pay off in the end.

The Enlightened Path – If you really want to impress, you’re going to have to do more than just have a few lights. You’ll need to replace all your light fixtures and create an aura of light that will have people seeing what you want them to see when you decide it’s appropriate. For instance, you will need task lighting, under-cabinet lighting, over-cabinet lighting, and a varying amount of control over the lights so that when it gets dark you control every aspect of the ambient luminescence of the room. People sometimes forget that the way you light certain areas can set a room apart, so make sure that you are not leaving this tip out.

The Minimalist Accessories Approach – You might have a keen sense of tying everything together in terms of customizations, lighting, and more, but there needs to be at least one wild card when you’re approaching sleek kitchen design. That wild card needs to be done with care because it can either make or break what you’re going for. In terms of accessories, look into contemporary wall hangings as something that can really set you up for success, and add just a splash of stainless steel. This is going to be something that you need to really think about because if you overload the accessories you’re going to diminish the overall design flow.

If you’re serious about making the neighbor’s jaws drop with your remodel, make sure that you look at the above tips for the ultimate renovation. Kitchen remodeling is not an overnight process, spend a lot of time in the planning and design phases and you will have an award winning look and feel that everyone will bug you about for ideas.

Chad Kerrison

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